Exercise: what happens in your brain

The article, A neuroscientist explains what happens inside your brain when you exercise, By Arash Javanbakht Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Wayne State University, published June 12, 2021 is important as it highlights the impact of walking on brain health, and it is still Brain Health Awareness Month.

We all have heard details on how exercise improves musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, metabolic, and other aspects of health. What you may not know is how this happens within the brain.

I’ve been personally campaigning for rehabilitation for people with dementia for well over a decade, including the benefits of exercise.

“Working out regularly really does change the brain biology, and it is not just “go walk and you will just feel better.” Regular exercise, especially cardio, does change the brain. Contrary to what some may think, the brain is a very plastic organ. Not only are new neuronal connections formed every day, but also new cells are generated in important areas of the brain. One key area is the hippocampus, which is involved in learning and memory and regulating negative emotions.”

Even exercise as simple as walking is good for us! Let’s all start focusing on our brain health, and who knows what might happen.

Hip hip hurray, the world is catching up!

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