Save your brain!

It’s still Brain Health Awareness Month, and I’m on track for a daily blog, something I have not managed to achieve for many years now.

In fact, it is good for my brain to be writing daily again; I had forgotten how important any for of writign or journalling can be for one’s overall health. I’ve been a believer and follower of holistic health for over four decades, as was consistently failed by practitioners of westerm medicine, and still find it much more supportive of overall health than pharmaceutical approaches to well being and health.

Take a listen to this psychiatrist from New York on the power of what he refers to as ‘Farmology’, in his TEDx talk below. His talk is not new… but nor is holistic medicine! It has been believed since the time of Hippocrates that food can heal, or, that is can also be the root cause of disease. I find it hard to argue with that, from both my own personal experience, and science.

Frankly, I do find it hard to believe that health care professionals are so dedicated to ‘western medicine’, and so many of them are so anti holistic health and medicine, including the possibility that diet and lifestyle can change outcomes for people with dementia.

Even though they believe it to be true for conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes…

Perhaps diet and lifestyle changes are not a cure for dementia (or any disease), but I truly believe these changes can definitely slow the progression of dementia, as they do with health condition such as diabetes or high cholestoral. The worst case scenario, is they will GREATLY improve your Quality of Life.

Healthy food, regular exercise, and holistic health is probably more important than western medicine.

Swaffer, 2011

For example, if we feed kids junk food, we double the risk of depression and ADHD. After changing their diets, 80% changed, and 50% of those children diagnosed with ADHD who changed their diets (reduced bad fats, processed sugar and processed food, etc, and increased fresh vegetables and fruit), no longer meet the dignostic criteria for ADHD.

Real food saves brains.

Imagine if we fed people living in nursing homes this type of ‘fast’ food full of processed sugar and bad fats. 

Oh, wait… we do!

No wonder kids might occasionally act as if they have ADHD…

But when people with dementia do, we then blame it on the pathology of dementia instead of considering things such as the negative effect of food they are given, and label and ttreat’ it as BPSD!

A Brain Food Prescription from the Farmacy: Drew Ramsey at TEDxBloomington

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