Live beyond the diagnosis of dementia

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I have learned a lot of lessons in my life, with many to learn I am sure, but perhaps none so important as this one from knowing Richard Taylor. Mostly, Richard taught me to live beyond the diagnosis of dementia; stop crying, dismiss the PLOM (Poor Little Old Me) disease I had after the diagnosis, and to get back on with living. We do live until we die, but surely it is far preferable to accept that a diagnosis of dementia does not have to mean the instant death of the life we had before the diagnosis.

Every day, I remind myself of these things, and in no particular priority or order, but firstly;

  • If you have been diagnosed with dementia, ignore the Prescribed Disengagement you will be given
  • And as Richard Taylor always said, Speak up, Speak out!

Until my last breath, I’ll never (I hope) have to remind myself of Richard Taylor. He is permanently placed inside my heart and soul, forever…

And a few more mantras for my daily living;

  • Behave in a way that would NEVER shame myself or others if it made the news
  • Never, not ever, give up
  • When (not if) I get knocked down, get back up
  • Always speak up for what I believe in
  • Always speak up, even if others won’t like me for it, especially when I believe something is wrong or unjust
  • Speak up and out, clearly
  • Speak up, Speak out, but always professionally
  • Be kind to everyone, for everyone is facing their own battle, even if I don’t know about it
  • Life is like a wheel, some days you are on the top, and it is easier and the load is light, other days you are at the bottom
  • Happiness comes from within
  • It is always up to me
  • Ban PLOM Disease, it is boring and unhelpful
  • Live every day as if it is my last, just in case it is
  • Be a nice person
  • Let go of anger and guilt (work on them in a way that is healthy and allows you to move on, and won’t hurt others)
  • Do not allow the stigma, discrimination or exclusion from others, hold YOU back


10 thoughts on “Live beyond the diagnosis of dementia

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  3. Thank you Kate saw you on telly the other day and had to look you up!
    Dignity without a doubt resonates from you, it’s all about the moment and that is something we often forget until we need it the most. You are truly an Angel.
    Lee Matthews


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