Thank you Mick Carmody for inspiring me today with this wonderful poem, Inability to ACT. After hosting and contributing at the online Tribute to Richard Taylor today, I am too emotionally exhausted to publish anything of my own, and this poem, which I know was a tribute to Richard, says it all for me today. This is the header of his blog, which I love, although I really wanted photo today Mick!!

The page on his blog titled ‘It’s ok to laugh’, is significant to me. Before dementia, we all laughed at many things, even the ‘stupid things’ see did. For some bizarre reason, after dementia, we feel embarrassed and ashamed of the ‘stupid’ things we do. I have thought for years, we really need to learn to laugh at them, in spite of the sadness, and laugh more, laugh often, and try not to get lost in the sadness of dementia.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.44.55 am


Mick, another person living beyond the diagnosis of dementia, based in Queensland, is working hard as a member of Dementia Alliance International, running at least two online support groups each week for our members, in two different time zones, and all people living with a dementia of this or that type. Thank you for your amazing efforts Mick, and for finding motivation and inspiration inside your own heart to keep going.

6 thoughts on “Inspired…

  1. This, also, was too personal for twitter. But the poem was so lovely, with the nice picture, so I tweeted that. I gave you attribution and included your picture – sorry twitter cut off half your head. …. Well I guess you approved because you just faved it. So did Theona Combos. Isn’t that nice? Take care – good night – it’s 10 pm here, time for bed.


  2. Hi
    I love this idea of continuing to laugh..there are so many things in life that are sad and difficult, that to maintain a sense of humour, even in our darkest days, is a relief and a very human thing to carry on with…so keep laughing – it releases endorphins, is catchy and inspires joy in others.


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