Prescribed Disengagement™ #DAM Day 29

What can i say… well not that much today, but, I am delighted to report I have been in a teleconference for over an hour discussing a research project around the theory of Prescribed Disengagement™. Woo Bloody Hoo! I really do have a lot more to day on this, but this slide for now says enough.















20 thoughts on “Prescribed Disengagement™ #DAM Day 29

  1. Awesome flow chart Kate and it really reinforces how poor and inept is the Medical Framework as opposed to yours which is truly about the person, meaningful life continuation and the ‘truth’.
    I will be using it myself if I may?
    Thanks Kate – you are always the person who enables me to be a better and more effective teacher.
    Love your work always.


    • Hi Leah, glad you have found it helpful. Please use it if you wish. I am in the process of developing a much more detailed one, which will go into my book hopefully! If not the first one, then the second one haha Hugs always, and I will miss you on Friday in Adelaide! xx


  2. I’m really glad to see that there are Advance Care Directives fitted in there. Really glad. Is it too late to see that they also complete a Will? After all, they may not have a partner, but may have many people who may end up disputing who will be beneficiaries to their estate.


  3. This is a great illustration, Kate. I sent it to the Head of Claims at New York Life Insurance Co.’s Long-Term Care Insurance Division with this note:

    “Kate Swaffer has a beautiful blog. Thought of you when I read today’s. Kate trademarked her term for the typical approach to dementia care as “prescribed disengagement”. LIke me, she was a woman in her fifties diagnosed with dementia. Like me, Kate wasn’t willing to live the rest of her life as the rest of the world assumed she should. This is a great slide that shows how people assume LTC insurance will be used vs. how it can and should be used to build a new life rather than give a death sentence to one’s future. It’s the model we’ve built with my LTCI.”

    Thank you, Kate.


  4. I like the bit about paid employment I thought I would let you know that one mental health trust in Manchester / Salford has just put an advert out for their second person with dementia to work for them. I also heard that there was an advert for a person with dementia going out by Age UK in Salford so we are getting there albeit very slowly. People are beginning to listen. They are also moving away from the medical model of care


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