Dementia Awareness Week UK

peter and kate budapest 2016It is a big week for DAI members in the UK as today is the beginning of Dementia Awareness Week in the UK. To coincide with it and the acceptance of a human rights approach to dementia by ADI and the ADI Council members in Budapest, Dementia Alliance International is releasing its first official publication on human rights for people with dementia.

Image: Professor Peter Mittler and Kate Swaffer ADI2016 Budapest

Ps my weekend has been one of ups and downs – including accidentally deleting a whole folder (or more?) of emails, thinking it was my deleted folder! Oh well, if anyone is expecting a reply from me, and it hasn’t arrived, you now know why!

The Twitter hashtags for the DAI Media Release are #DAW2016 and #HumanRights4PWD. You can read the official Media Release below.

Media Release:

There are currently more than 47 million people with dementia globally and one new diagnosis every 3.2 seconds[i]. There are 850,000 people in the UK who have a form of dementia[ii], more than 5 million[iii] in America, and more than 353,800[iv] Australians with dementia in Australia.  If dementia were a country, it would be the 18th largest economy.

Dementia Alliance International (DAI) is an advocacy group, the peak body and global voice of people with dementia. Our mission includes Human Rights based approaches that are applied to the pre and post-diagnostic experiences of people with a dementia, in every way. We advocate for a more ethical pathway of support that includes our human right to full rehabilitation and full inclusion in civil society; “nothing about us, without us.”

“We are launching this landmark Dementia Alliance International guide because, as a direct result of DAI’s advocacy and a rights-based approach including access to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has just been adopted by Alzheimer’s Disease International. This is a watershed moment for people with dementia across the world.”  Kate Swaffer

The human rights of people with dementia lie at the heart of our work. Access to the UN Disability Convention was one of the demands made by DAI’s Chair, Kate Swaffer at the World Health Organisation’s First Ministerial Conference on Dementia held in Geneva in March 2015. Since then, we have done everything we can to make a reality of that demand.

“What matters to us now is that people living with dementia should be empowered to use their undisputed right of access to this and to other relevant UN Human Rights Conventions, including a future Convention on the Rights of Older Persons.” Professor Peter Mittler

You can download a copy of our publication here: Human Rights for People Living with Dementia – Rhetoric to Reality

Plus you can view a video of Glenn Rees, me and Peter Mittler introducing the need for a human rights based approach to dementia at the recent ADI Conference in Budapest on the DAI website and YouTube channel.

Membership of DAI is exclusive to people with a medically confirmed diagnosis of dementia. To join our exclusive club or to join a support group, visit us here

Contact details

Contact Kate Swaffer for more information or read more about the work of Dementia Alliance International here.

Follow DAI on @DementiaAlliance

Kate Swaffer, Chair, CEO, Co-founder of Dementia Alliance International and author of What the hell happened to my brain?: Living beyond dementia


[i] World Health Organisation, Dementia Statistics (2015)

[ii] Alzheimer’s Association, (2016). 2016 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures.

[iii] Alzheimer’s Society UK (2014). Dementia 2014 report statistics,

[iv] Alzheimer’s Australia (2016) Key Statistics,

2 thoughts on “Dementia Awareness Week UK

  1. Congratulations Kate on achieving this important milestone. I believe that this is more than just the symbolic agreement of a Council. This has the potential to mobilise governments to change policy and legislation for the better. I look forward to watching the video and following and tweeting from #HumanRights4PWD. Thank you for your endeavours.


    • Thanks Craig… DAI will succeed in spite of those who are still trying to stop that. The time is definitely now, that the truly authentic vice of people is being heard, without others saying or doing for us. I will probably die trying, that’s for sure!


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