Dementia updates

Image sourceTodays blogpost is an update of various opportunities to be involved or to see more of the work of DAI. Please also support us with a donation whenever you can, as the work we do directly supports people living with dementia to have a better quality of life.

For those of you who missed it, you’ll be interested in watching the Webinar Driving and Dementia presented by Associate Professor Victoria Traynor from the University of Wollongong. It was published on Dementia Alliance International’s blog today. If you live in the USA and are interested in being involved in research for the driving app to be converted to that audience, you can download her slides and contact details there.

Don’t forget, our DAI Dementia Friendly Community Survey is still open as well, and we would love to hear your thoughts. The survey results will republished in the first formal report from Dementia Alliance International, to be released during World Alzheimer’s Month in September this year.

Register here for the Webinar “Introducing the Kiama Dementia Friendly Community Pilot Project”, a recently awarded winner in the National Local Government Innovation Award in the Access and Inclusion category. Many people with dementia now see the Kiama DFC Pilot Project as the GOLD STANDARD of any Dementia Friendly Community project or initiative in the world. Please join us to find out why. 

You can still participate in the Alzheimer’s Australia Survey I promoted here a few days ago as well; it is important the views of as many people as possible are gained, as that way, they and we can better provide us support .

Have a wonderful day.

You are very welcome to respectfully join this global conversation.

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