Losing the silence

The thoughtful silence
Of the autumn morning
Slowing down…

As the noises of life
Are gathering speed
Bird songs spring to life
And gentle winds move the trees

Yes, pondering on how to silence
The ruckus inside my head
Still unable to take it away

Unsure how to lessen the noise
Or turn it off
Unlike the dementia train
I’m hoping to soon find

A way of getting off
And a way to reconnect with
My inner silence and peace

Kate Swaffer © 2017

10 thoughts on “Losing the silence

  1. I’m really enjoying your poetry Kate. I’m studying Dementia Care with the University of Tasmania and I read a lot of written references to dementia as a topic. Your poetry is a welcome creative and spiritual experience within the literature of understanding that we as students move through. Nice to interact with you. Regards Deb


  2. Inner silence and peace is so important. Usually getting outside and becoming one with nature helps a bit. It is what I must do to find peace, or writing on my blog….It is almost impossible to find silence in today’s world. I think that is part of the reason so many folks are flipping out. How can one connect mindfully with oneself when the silence cannot be found to encourage such a discovery? Stay sane my friend. I hope you find peace and quiet soon to ease the unrest…..Thinking of you…VK ❤


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