Reversing cognitive decline

Professor Dale Bredesen has been doing research into reversal of cognitive decline, which I have been following now for more than three years. Frankly, as a person diagnosed with dementia, and who has self prescribed a pathway very similar to this protocol, I am incredibly excited about it, and intend to become even more committed to it soon, by having all the testing suggested and following the protocol more precisely.

I’m struggling though, to understand why the world is not jumping up and down with excitement, as if we were reversing cancer, perhaps even curing it, the media frenzy would be incredible. The public would be very interested too I would think? Yet, this research has not been getting a lot of press, and it has even been given some negative publicity. My occasional cynical self, wonders of course, is ‘Big Pharma’ behind that? Reversing dementia or MCI, without drugs, is almost unthinkable!

Dr Dave Jenkins is working with patients in Australia and New Zealand, and today, I want to highlight his first testimonial (with permission) on my website. Reversing some types of dementia, it seems, is possible. People once also thought the earth was flat!

19 thoughts on “Reversing cognitive decline

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  3. This is so exciting! Thank you for telling us about it Kate! Such a wonderful testimonial too – full of hope for the future! Very best wishes xxx


  4. I, too, am baffled by the lack of attention the media gives Dr. Bredersen’s research. When my loved one was diagnosed in 2012, Dr. Bredersen’s work was the only positive information that I found after researching what could be done to reverse dementia. We have implemented as much of the Protocol as we could, and I attribute the fact that my husband’s dementia has been very slow to progress to a combination of Bredersen’s work and ignoring the standard “prescribed disengagement”. When I attempted to share this info through online support groups, I was dismayed at the negative attitudes of many of the participants as they dismissed it without truly investigating. So glad you are bringing this important research to the forefront!!!!


  5. I’m definitely jumping up and down, and clapping my hands.
    This would be a miraculous event Kate, deserving of the entire world giving thanks.
    It gives hope, and that’s much more than has been given up until this point.
    Am watching my friend and behind you and this promising new culture all the way.
    Love and smiles.xx


  6. Hi Kate,

    Thanks for sharing this information. Late last year I spent 4 days watching the Awakening Alzheimer’s Series and there I saw Professor Bredesen talk. His research is very hopeful and he seems very switched on and reasonable (i.e not a quack conning people of a quick buck and false hope.)

    I think his work is gaining traction in the medical field. Daughterly Care has an aged care advice shop in Mosman, Sydney and we had 2 Drs come in and tell us that they have studied Professor Breseden’s research and protocal in the USA and they will be opening a practice specialising in preventing and treating dementia in Mosman soon.

    I watched a couple of the videos that you link to on your blog today. Professor Breseden’s presentation is well worth watching.

    A friend just got diagnosed with a dementia in his early 60’s. With the diagnosis has come an overwhelming sense of depression and feeling that he has “no future”. I am going to introduce him to your blog because you and your colleagures are fighters, on so many levels, and you inspire people.

    Thanks again for sharing your information- it takes you time to do that and it is much appreicated, by many Kate

    Kate Lambert
    CEO – Daughterly Care.


  7. kate,

    I cannot register for your blog, but am getting your emails. I used your contact form and sent a very detailed email and apparently this was delivered to your blog. My email to you at 9:48 p.m. CDT came back “undeliverable”. My local public library just purchased your book” “What The Hell Happened to My Brain” because I wanted to borrow it, and I am now reading it. I also just borrowed another book, “Frontotemporal Dementia Syndromes” edited by John R. Hodges, and am starting to read that book as well. Thanks for your tireless efforts on behalf of persons with dementia. Thanks!

    Steve Perlis


  8. Way cool….! Stay on it Kate….I have a feeling you will find a way out before things get too bad…I’ve always felt that way….Hoping all is okay down there with you. Stay well and all my love…VK ❤


  9. Kate, that is extremely exciting news. Any type of research or protocol that can in any way reverse signs of dementia is something to be celebrated. I hope and pray that Dr. Jenkins’ good work continues. Blessings to you, Kate.


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