Rebel Wilson wins court case

Rebel Wilson, a prominent Australian woman who was publicly bullied and shamed with lies about her character by the media (and ‘close friends’) has won her court battle.

If only I had the money and energy to take on the media, but alas, not only do I not have the money, doing so would probably almost kill me (at least, my ability to function and paddle).

The ABC said in an article titled Rebel Wilson wins defamation case against ‘bully’ magazine publisher Bauer Media;

Outside the court, Wilson said it had been a long, hard fight but she felt she had to take a stand. 

“I had to stand up to a bully, a huge media organisation, Bauer Media Group, who maliciously took me down in 2015 with a series of grubby and completely false articles,” she said.

“Far too often I feel the tabloid magazines and the journalists who work for them don’t abide by professional ethics. Far too often I feel their conduct can only be described as disgusting and disgraceful.

“I’m glad, very glad, that the jury has agreed with me and by their unanimous overwhelming verdict they have sent a very, very clear message.”

I’d love to have the money and emotional and physical energy to take legal action against the reporter and the truly vitriolic and nasty liars who defamed me. To them, perhaps I need to apologise for not dying… and for not leaving my sons without a mother, and my husband a widower.

But for now, I am unlikely to take civil legal action, as simply getting through my day is already difficult enough! Sadly, the Australian Press Council rejected my formal complaint outright, but that is another blog entirely!!!

Special thanks to my real friends, including those I may have only met online, and the close family who have stuck by me. I love you all.

14 thoughts on “Rebel Wilson wins court case

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  2. You still have many friends and support Kate. Even if you don’t persue legal redress, the press are the losers and what a sad minority that actively follow incorrect information. It won’t make them happier or nicer people. Move forward with your lovely family and people who stand by you and aim for your own harmony and happiness. Xxx


  3. By the way Kate….YOU don’t need money to win your way through anything! You have the heart and determination to do what you must and those who understand are right there beside you all the way. Go for whatever it is you are up against. I have no doubts you will win every time…It’s why you’re here…VK ❤


  4. I think that this is a risk those of us take when we are very active and public advocates. It’s really a shame to take advantage of those of us who advocate publicly. I am so happy to hear of good results of this court battle. I congratulate her for standing up and fighting back so hard.


  5. I’m SO sorry that you’re having to go through this ……. (I’m at a loss for words, but I just wantted to tell you I’m sorry …)


  6. I know what bullying is all about as I have experienced it from a young age and sadly am STILL experiencing it. I believe those of us who survive must fight for the rest. #FightTheGoodFight


    • Thank you… all women who support each other are my heroines.

      The ones who bitch, tell lies and gossip, especially about other women, well, they are in a totally different basket. They are also why I have needed for my own health, to start deleting contacts (no longer ‘close friends or family’) from my life.


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