Meeting Minna

Not so long ago, I met a wonderful woman online called Minna Packer after she joined Dementia Alliance International. She definitely seemed to be struggling with having been diagnosed with dementia, and I remember that very dark place only too well. Minna inspires me, and I’m now pleased to say, has, perhaps without realising it, encouraged me to look outside of my box (again).

I used to think I was a person who saw the glass as half full, as opposed to half empty, but the last few years, I realise I am neither of those, but rather, a person who refills the glass, when it feels like half empty OR half full. These days, I work hard to refill it. And I have refused to go home and die quietly from dementia too. Why on earth would I not want to live with it as positively as  possible?

So, how lucky am I to have met Minna! Oh, and that therefore means lucky to have dementia, as if I didn’t, we would not have met… Minna has knowledge about art and other creative things, that currently make little sense to me, and I feel delighted she is teaching me so much more about the arts through her blogs. She introduced me to this video, rather perfectly, like this:

“This is a video of a man who Laurie introduced me to months ago, that finally got through to me, and got me thinking about how I am seeing the cup as half empty.”

Thank you Minna, for being in my life.

Please do consider subscribing to Minna’s blog.

22 thoughts on “Meeting Minna

  1. Thank you again Kate.
    My coping strategy is to reach for a smaller glass – a glass, full to the brim, with quality of life – full of those things I can still enjoy doing.
    I can limit my expectations to the size of that smaller glass because this equates to my quality of life.
    But if others expect me to fill my glass with things I know that I ought to exclude, what spills over can be anger, frustration, disappointment and depression.
    Reaching for the smaller glass is the only way I can ensure that what it contains is the quality of life I need to have, if my life is to have meaning.


  2. Minna sounds as awesome as you Kate my friend. Its always such a gift when we meet people who enhance our lives just by being in it.
    As you do in mine. 🙂
    Always know if you cant quite fill that glass, I am on hand to assist!
    And maybe with some fine wine instead of water.
    Looking forward to catching up when you are home and had time to breath.
    With love.xx


      • Thanks for your lovely replies Kate and i will look at Minna’s blog and write some comments on it-good advice about that tip thx-its only towards me and my family-and yes looking on the positive side is important rather than the negative side-those people are just a waste of space and i don’t really have much to do with them-only talk to them briefly at family functions-hope your christmas is fabulous too and let me know if you make it to Auckland in 2018 and we can meet up! Take care and best wishes for a blissful and peaceful 2018 filled with wonderful and lifelong memories💜😊🌈


  3. Oh Kate-that is so wonderful you met Minna and Minna sounds like a wonderful person-so wonderful that you are becoming friend with others with Dementia – sadly people only understand the late stages of Dementia NOT the early stages. My family yet again are being really disrespectful to my Grandad-a few weeks ago we had a family gettogether because my Dads cousin was over from America and my Dads cousin said to my Grandad “Chris do you still work”? “How do you get work”? “Do you still drive”? “How old are you”? My Uncle asked me “what stage of Alzhiermers he is at in front of him” and i said “no comment”. He also asked him “What stage of Alzhiermers do you have Chris”? “How many years have you had Alzhiermers for”? I found it very rude and my Aunty still won’t speak to him-5 get togethers in a row!Fed up and frustrated with them-those who continue to disrespect him and his illness ill no longer has dignity for them as they are being a pain and frustrating me alot. On a lighter note, Nic Vujicic is a wonderful man and i watched his documentary in class this year and what an inspiration and an awesome guy! He has great determination, perseverance and resillience! I video my Grandad now so i can hear his voice when he passes-he is continuing to decline rapidly and we dont know how long he has left. I am grateful for all the awesome support we do have from family and my wonderful godmother-just am sick of the people who take advantage of him. Hope you have a wonderful xmas and a happy new year and hopefully we meet up in 2018 if your in Nz or in Gold Coast-i’m in Gold Coast January. Lots of love and best wishes💜


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