Dementia: the final weed killer

A diagnosis of dementia

The ultimate and final weed-killer

More sure to work than Round Up

And although environmentally friendly

Definitely not humanity friendly

With an open heart

And a willingness to overcome the loss

One is left with only honest and loyal family friends

And a global ‘dementia family’

Making dementia

Possibly the greatest gift in the world!

6 thoughts on “Dementia: the final weed killer

  1. Facing a diagnosis of dementia myself. After following your Blog for some time, I am hoping I can live with dementia as graciously as you do. Bless you for your insights and positivity. Susan


  2. And that “gift” my friend, is what makes you and I, very wealthy.
    I have never felt more wealthy in my life and because of dementia, I barely have a “pot to piss in or window” to throw it out of. I enjoy our current wealth much more than financial wealth! Salute


    • Hahahahahah, I did not know that about RoundUp! We actually do have one in Australia that says it is environmentally friendly, but it doesn’t knock off the weeds… (more laughing)!!!!! x


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