BanBPSD: it’s more than just terminology

This may seem a radical statement, but I sincerely believe it. It is time everyone, especially the health care professionals and educators still so heavily invested in BPSD think more deeply about it. We must find new ways to teach dementia care that better serves the client – to live more positively, and which is free of all forms of restraint. Many have already done this, including Dr Al Power, and two Australian Dementia Consultants, Daniela Greenwood and Leah Bisiani.

It’s not simply a case of it being a matter of a difference of opinion of terminology – or just about the negative impact of the labels used in the BPSD Guidelines; it is far more complex than that.

It can be done.

Our human rights must be respected.

There is a good life to live, with appropriate and positive support, and without using this harmful paradigm.

6 thoughts on “BanBPSD: it’s more than just terminology

  1. Hello Kate
    Thanks for your work in highlighting the problems in the BPSD thinking. I have been using your writing as a launch into reform in our organisation. I’m just part of a local focus group but it is so obvious that BPSD is not at all helpful and more likely harmful in its’ approach. In another role, I have just read a research proposal which is basically flawed because in its’ structure it relies on BPSD concepts, yet the examples it gives are clear evidence that the symptoms are more to do with the artificial (and captive) environment that people living with dementia endure. We are a bit overdue for that coffee, but you have been exceptionally busy.


    • Thanks dear Jim… I’m delighted to read you are launching reform in your organisation, well done. I’d be happy to assist with that in any if possible. You made me laugh out loud when you said, ‘We are a bit overdue for that coffee”!! We most definitely are overdue for that, and hopefully can rectify that in November. Take great care x


  2. I am very upset that I only hear voices and responses that merely thank you. We all do but we need positives, ideas and a balanced approach to create a universal mandate, language, that we can sell to our Government especially here in the USA. I have tried to explain it in my response on the blog. So far we are flogging a dead horse. Norman Duncan


  3. Take the profit out of the American industry, move Medicare to accept change, outlaw lobby groups who love the status quo then we here can join the world of humanity and are free to participate with assurance of Government support.


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