Rehabilitation: the future of dementia care

Last week, I presented at an online Webinar for brainXchange, with friend and colleague, Monica Cations. I’m not so great lately at promoting events or activities here, or even writing blogs, so thought I’d make up for it today!  The session was called Rehabilitation as the future of dementia care.

My presentation, Dementia as a Cognitive Disability covered the global dementia statistics, and dementia as a cognitive disability. The WHO state dementia is the leading cause of disability and dependence in older persons, however health systems and service providers do not yet support this in their approach to post diagnostic support for dementia. In this presentation, I briefly outlined my personal experience and global advocacy for human rights and access to the CRPD, an approach supported at the Rehabilitation 2030 WHO Forum in 2017. I ended by outlining a pathway of support which includes rehabilitation and disability support for all people with dementia.

Monica’s presentation, A Health professional perspectives on the delivery of multidisciplinary rehabilitation to people with dementia, discussed the fact that multidisciplinary rehabilitation is not incorporated into the usual care pathway for dementia despite increasing demand from advocates. In her research, she has explored the perspectives of health professionals to understand key barriers to delivery of rehabilitation to this group and identify strategies for change. In this presentation, she also discussed how health professionals can change their understanding of dementia care to embrace rehabilitation as a means to deliver a more proactive and continuous care pathway.

You can listen to us here:

7 thoughts on “Rehabilitation: the future of dementia care

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  2. Hi old boiler saw your photo in Sunday mail been frantic emptying a few bottles after a thirsty week last night watched old movie ‘The Power of one’ which made me think of you and your powerful voice for those who no longer have a voice that is heard old boilers send their love, goodnight nurse x ness


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