It is heavy, in spite of how it looks

This quote is extremely relevant to me, and it is most definitely time for me to let go more, and to occasionally let others know I need help or support, instead of bearing the often heavy load of too many things for so many others. People don’t often check in with me, not because they don’t care, but simply because it is the disadvantage (to me) of appearing to carry a load too well.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve made a lot of very major decisions, including reducing meetings, committing to reducing some of the DAI work from July this year, as well as significantly reducing my formal study load.

Although doing so will reduce some of my physical and intellectual load, they are not my preferred choices. Of course, they are wise choices, but these changes have had to be made primarily due to a significant personal trauma last year, which has impacted my ability to function.

I know I will grieve some of these thngs, especially the formal study, but also know I will still be involved in many diverse and relevant research projects locally, nationally and globally, and in many different ways. I will also now find the time (hopefully!) to finish writing two books I have started, and finally send the final (and oft requested by the publisher) details for my third book of poems. So, it is still onwards and upwards, in spite of the ever increasing fog…

As every door closes, a new one will open; life always offers us so much to be grateful for.


16 thoughts on “It is heavy, in spite of how it looks

  1. Hello Kate, It seems you will be cutting back to a work load that many of us would still find too challenging. I am reading Charles Handy’s book of 21 letters to his grandchildren and he refers back to an earlier view that life should be lived with ‘proper selfishness’. I think that that thought is appropriate at any time – enjoy the moment of being good to yourself. Cheers, Jim.


  2. It is hard to be what some might call “self”ish but if one does not take care of “self,” one does not have enough to give to others. Be selfish Kate. You give and have given so much to so many that it just might be time to take care of yourself. Remember: “Put on your oxygen mask first.” Love you.


  3. Important and we’ll deserved decision to make cutbacks. Other things will soon be taking up your time. Think of what is best for you and your family. You have done so much for us dear Kate xx 😎


  4. Oh my Dearest Kate,
    Again you are leading the way by showing us how to navigate through this dementia storm we are all in, teaching us and reminding of us of knowing when and ho w to pull back, for our well-being and so that the work we continue we continue in the highest form. I applauded you for what I know have been difficult decisions, and I look forward to continuing to work along side and with you in whatever that capacity will be. Cheers my lovely friend


  5. A big call to make I’m guessing Kate you give so much to others maybe some time to breath is well earned. I’m excited to hear more books are in the pipeline what a legacy they will be to share your wealth of knowledge, take care my friend cheers ness 😘


  6. We all have to remember that our priority has to be maintaining our own well-being, in order to keep on living the best life we can. Looking after ourselves, also impacts what we have to offer others.

    Good to see you setting boundaries, Kate. Your passion for helping others through all your dementia related work has and will continue to be immeasurable.


    • Thanks Kate, For all the wonderful and informative thins you have done for Dementia..Its not selfish at all to think of our own well-being..You have given so much to all ,Local and Global. I felt after reading your books ..The Dementia I have i can do so much still in Life and Be Happy and Fulfilled. Thank -You.Looking forward to your 2 new publications.And to meet you in person.


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