disAbility rights

disability rights

finding our way
wanting the same
our differences
visible or invisible
not to be seen as disabilities

but as Abilities
we are still the same
even though we may look different
or act differently to you
our hearts are in tact

we still have desires
and a need to be independent
to learn from each other
and be included at all times

and ultimately
above all
we ask that there is
nothing about us
without us

9 thoughts on “disAbility rights

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  2. I think since forever we have been separated out in regards to illness and aging. Put people in homes rather than try to incorporate them into everyday living. That separation causes us to disconnect with them physically and emotionally. The old ‘out of sight out of mind’ syndrome! This whole process needs to be reversed to bring together rather than drive apart….We are all created equal in every way, it is just our egos that make us see ourselves or others as different. Lots of work ahead for humanity! Blessings Kate….VK 🙂 ❤


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