Please stop disrespecting us

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 8.42.43 am

No time to wait

People with dementia

Must no longer be willing

To accept the disrespect

The exclusion

Or the passive stigma

Still so evident in our educated society

If a group of researchers

Or any other group

Who have been saying

They respect us

And that they include us

Who are very happy to use us

And then

Still don’t invite us

To participate as speakers

In their events

At the same time they invite all others

There is no hope…

Not for us

But for them!

6 thoughts on “Please stop disrespecting us

  1. My darling Kate,

    I hear you.
    In fact I just finished replying to yet another debate about the terminology used in describing so much related to how people continue to judge, view, misrepresent and have unfair expectations on those who live with dementia.

    I questioned why, still, are we having this debate about terminology????

    I questioned when Alz.Aust, myself, (personally),and the ADCJ 2014 set clear guidelines years ago, re abolishing and changing negative views, starting with terminology, this was so disrespected that our health professionals continue to be so arrogant, self indulgent and rigid that they have STILL not changed, thus the time wasted is impacting on the very people we are supposed to be caring for.

    I then discussed that I took heed, made my own small steps regardless of what anyone thinks about my work, and continue to do everything I can to move forward.
    So why is it, that this debate continues?
    Thus I invited all those who were agreeing and are still discussing what we need to do, to actually do it with me as I did, and be the change, NOW!!!!!

    I do hope this gives you some hope.

    Love and


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