22 thoughts on “Is living with dementia like living with Asperger’s?

  1. Hi Kate – I am caregiver for my parents, one with dementia and the other with Alzheimer’s (according to our medical labelling system) and each of them is on a very, very different path. In addition, I have a nephew with autism. I quickly noted some similarities between my father and my nephew, in terms of successful engagement. Whether through music, movement, or dynamic distractions, there seems to be a more evolved way of communicating with them, possibly by getting around conventional methods and focusing on body language, energy emissions and emotions.

    I think you’ve made an interesting parallel, and there’s probably a scientific explanation for the connection! We do spend a lot of time and energy, though, on labelling and defining, don’t we? It is what it is, and you, my father, my mother and my nephew (and myself, if that is my destiny) each deserve to be addressed and integrated as individuals with special needs specific to themselves.


  2. Glad you are still doing okay and taking some time for yourself. After all you have accomplished in your life I hope that you embrace your contributions as phenomenal(they are) and you are being good to yourself. Don’t know if you have Thanksgiving down under but I’ll wish you one anyway! Hope you keep checking in from time to time. All the best and much love…VK ❤


  3. Hi Kate nice to hear from you again. I think a lot of people with conditions that are not seen, work like we do and feel like we do.
    Do you have a Facebook page or messenger


    • As we discussed in person this week dear Lynda… it is all the things I can still hide, or choose to hide. The day is coming, when I will simply be too tired to paddle, or too perhaps sad with all the losses to care.


  4. Hello my dear friend Kate,

    You could never be perceived or seen as a failure in anything.

    What you are is an absolute inspiration to those living with dementia, but also to us who work in the field of trying our very best to understand a world that only you can educate us on. As you live it, you are truly the only professional here.

    As I often say, YOU are the experts here and the ones we need to listen to so that we can understand.

    The exerts above are so very sad to me because it just highlights and reinforces again how little compassion and empathy the general community and many health professionals continue to have towards people they judgementally label and stigmatise as being different.

    And is different wrong??? No its not. And as there really is no definition of what normal should be, I find it quite irritating to see cognitively aware individuals who continue to judge others based on stereotypes.. How arrogant and how insensitive and cruel.

    Does it not seem like common sense to see the person and not the condition???
    Does it also not make sense to use your cognitive ability to imagine the best we can the reality of another and meet them within that reality??
    Given we have the cognitive ability to do this, are we not being neglectful to the extreme by expecting the reverse????

    I believe Asperger’s and dementia and many other conditions that affect part of brain function can have similarities, and parallels, but regardless, every person will be affected differently by whatever condition they live with, and we must be aware of the individual in every single specific case, and honour them as a person in their own right, and respect their personhood and the place they rightly hold in the world.



  5. I miss you, my dear long-distance friend! Take care, do what you can, and know you are loved – even by someone who has never met you in person.


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