Proud to be with hogrefe publishers

Those of you who follow me here will know I recently had an issue with the cover of my book in the German translation being published by hogrefe, What the hell happened to my brain?: Living beyond dementia. I am more than delighted to say again it has been resolved, but I’d  like to comment further, in part due to noting that from my knowledge, everyone who wrote directly to them with a complaint about the original cover selected, has received an answer.

Frankly, this blog only is meant to be a compliment to hogrefe.

I cannot stress enough how much it means to me that not only have they agreed to recall the first book and change to cover to one that I am happy with, they have also responded to the many who were offended, either personally, or on my behalf. It is not often a large corporation cares enough to go above and beyond their ‘legal obligations’.

I’m not sure if they realise how much they have done with regard to reducing the stigma of dementia simply by 1) agreeing to change the cover, and 2) replying to people who sent them letters of complaint. they have done so much more than that. Below, is one sample of their letter to people who sent complaints.


We would like to inform you officially that the CEO of Hogrefe AG has decided;

  • to stop the distribution of the current German edition of Kate Swaffers book: „What the hell happened to my brain?“ on the German market, 
  • to design a new cover with Kate Swaffers portrait, as it is used on the UK-edition on : “What the hell happened to my brain?“
  • to print and publish a new print run with the new cover as soon we have received a copyright cleared cover photo and a written consent for the new cover by Jessica Kingsley Publishers and Kate Swaffer,
  • to exchange the old cover within our advertisement material, which has not yet been distributed.

As already communicated to Kate Swaffer, we deeply regret and beg your pardon, that the cover illustration has led to an entirely unintended perception of people with dementia. 

The publication date of the new edition will be announced via our website (

We look forward that the German translation of Kate Swaffers book will soon be available for German speaking people again, so that her ideas and life work may be spread within Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

With kind regards, Hogrefe AG.

I am extremely proud to be published in Germany by hogrefe…

And my book there, with its new cover, will be available in August.

THANK YOU HOGREFE, for caring that much about all people with dementia, and those who support us.


15 thoughts on “Proud to be with hogrefe publishers

  1. I was very impressed that they replied as didn’t think they would have done. Sometimes in life you just have to make a stand for what you believe in and thankfully they took notice.


    • Totally agree… I hope they understand just how much this goes towards reducing the stigma and really supporting our community. It is a true credit to them, their team, and their commitment to people with dementia. xx


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