Mr Boris and peer-to-peer support groups

Someone just reposted this article on Facebook, and mostly because our amazing wonder-cat is Mr Boris is actually featured in the article and this photo, I am posting it here! In the article my Neuro-physiotherapist, Associate Professor (at the time of the article, a PhD Dr) James Mcloughlin said:

“We’ve got pretty good evidence to show that physical activity can improve cognitive performance and reduce cognitive decline,” Dr McLoughlin said. He said patients needed to be given more direction.

Navigating the health system to try and find a rehabilitation model is still really, really hard, and I don’t think we’ve got that model in place,” he said.

We want the specialists to think beyond just a diagnosis…”

He said people with dementia needed to talk to health workers about exercise programs.

You really need to be involved with an occupational therapist to keep you engaged in things that are important to you,” Dr McLouglin said.

Ms Swaffer wants the entire community to get on board. There’s legislation to have wheelchair ramps. Well, I want that for all the support we need for our communities to be dementia enabling,” she said.

She pointed to the New South Wales town of Kiama where a dementia-enabling project was underway as the perfect example.

The Kiama DAGs were recognised by the WHO last year, and rightly so, as they are the only initiative in the world to have been fully informed by people with dementia. As the person with dementia involved in that project, and how CEO and Chair of DAi. I also hope DAI, the organisation I am one of eight co-founders of can also support other local r regional initiatives to do the same!

We are currently working on an event in Queensland to be co hosted by DAI, DAAT and a service provider up there. Wish us luck!

If you have dementia, or know someone with dementia, it is free to join, and we have amazing peer-to-peer support groups every single week.

Last week, this is what I wrote after attending one of our peer-to-peer support groups:

“Just finished attending our weekly Richard Taylor support group… we’ve been laughing a lot (and almost crying a couple of times) for over 90 minutes. Discussions on grief and loss that we go through, ‘threesomes’ and the Three Stooges, the recent FTD conference and many other interesting things. Congrats to Jerry Wylie for setting up a local support group in his home town too, we were all truly inspired, and I get the feeling we will all help each other to do the same. We even introduced a young genius to an older one, our long time friend and DAI support group member Phil… which was amazing.”

Long live Dementia Alliance International.

Frankly, this is the only truly helpful support I have ever received. Now, to make sure my husband, parents and sons also are provided with the same level of support, although like people diagnosed with dementia, they may have to do it for themselves…

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