Admiration and respect…

Hello Sunday! Earlier this morning someone posted the video below on Facebook, and it made me cry, but it also helped me find the strength to stop feeling annoyed about some of the challenges of dementia,and get back to working on my paddling!

Watching it also made me even more aspirational in my dream that people without dementia will soon start applauding the efforts of those of us diagnosed with it for living well publicly, and STOP telling us we don’t look like we have it, or accusing us of faking it!

Girl With No Arms Sings & Plays Piano With Her Feet | Romania’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

17 thoughts on “Admiration and respect…

  1. Hi Kate, I too have been following your advocacy and work in the dementia field for some years, what is the current status of the Australian Government and their development of a National Plan for Alzheimers and other Dementias?


      • Thanks for prompt reply. I read Maria Shriver too, she is calling on Americans to think about their vision for 2025.. the USA have a National Alzheimers Plan as you would know. There was also a very compelling CBS 60 minutes show last night on the family in Columbia with the E gene..and the progress being made to better understand the disease. Stay well, you are a shining light in the world of Dementia, kind regards, Patricia Mitchell


      • Thanks Patricia… I read Maria too, and find it interesting. Re your National Alzheimer’s Plan – I hope they change it to a National Dementia Plan, as it sounds as if it excludes all the other types or cause of dementia! We had a television program on last night about three scruple living with dementia, but I had to record it, as it will take me some emotional energy to feel strong enough to watch it… I hope the program you watched was hopeful for treatment or a cure? Take care, and hope to chat here again soon.


  2. Paddling takes more strength and determination when you’re headed up river. And sometimes you have to portage to get around rapids and waterfalls. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible to reach your destination though. Often makes it more satisfying when you do. #justsaying 🙂


  3. I’ve been following your blog, Kate, for a couple of years now. Since I did the U of Tasmania’s ‘Understanding Dementia’ course.

    You’ve made a huge difference in my thinking and feeling about how dementia affects you and others.

    Please keep up your hard work to bring dignity, respect and compassion to this special population.

    E G


    • Many thanks EG… I’ll do my best to keep going, and am glad that my work, and that of so many other advocates is slowly but very surely changing the world.

      I’d have to say, after the recent months, some are a tad slow on the uptake, but then, not everyone is as smart as others 😉

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  4. Thanks so much for sharing that video, Kate. How absolutely inspirational. With much love to you, Trisha


    • You are very welcome… it is truly amazing. We played it during a DAI support group today, and almost everyone cried, as well as being overjoyed and loving it. Hope you re well, Love always xx


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