Ok, so I know the word bugger
Could be seen as crude
But frankly, it is how I feel

Yesterday I talked to my BUB
Then I wondered where he was
So I was frantically looking for him
In our own home

He was nowhere to be found
So I called him on his mobile
And bugger me, he was in his office

Absolutely nowhere near home and never was!
Thanks a lot Larry, for another
Fairly unreasonable character building experience
Called Living Beyond Dementia

15 thoughts on “Bugger…

  1. Indeed. I have receptive and expressive aphasia and a bunch of memory foibles which keep me entertained. It can be hilarious. I frequently mishear what people say. They say “collect the tickets”, I clearly hear “combat chickens”. I have a wormhole in my handbag. Items go in, disappear completely, then at a later time emerge again. I also have a prankster who plays tricks on me all the time. I use that term lightly as I don’t have the experience of time passing or coming. I am constantly surprised by lovely events like birthdays and genuinely have no idea of my age, so I haven’t aged. And I laugh at myself all the time when I say something funny on account of my warped humour. I don’t have to worry much about negative things because I literally forget my troubles soon enough due to my inability to focus. Some people have to pay a lot of money or drink alcohol to experience my distorted visual perception. I get it for free. I may not have dementia. It may turn out I have epilepsy or silent migraines. But I have a book full of positive lived experience in common with your own buggeries. . Perhaps your Larry is a bit of a lad about the town? 😉


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