Is it fair for everyone to be paid for their expertise?

Whilst this blog is not exactly a discussion on the new narrative of dementia, which is my current my #hottopic, this YouTube video sent to me by The Amazing Susan and makes it reasonably clear what I mean… and although it gave me a good laugh, it hits home exactly about what has been annoying me for so many years now I’ve forgotten since when! I still feel annoyed every time I see people attending DAI Webinars, who should be paying for the modest registration ticket; in fact it is why we have stopped bothering to charge the modest fee for employed or self-employed people.

This video even fits with the DFC movement, where people without dementia are the only people being paid to set up DFC communities. I’m pretty sure not only the members of the LGBTIQ community would be more than annoyed if we were setting up LBGTIQ Friendly Communities, and all the people being paid to do the work, funded to go to all the conferences and events as the experts, were all heterosexuals. Friendly is the wrong word anyway IMHO, as we need accessible communities, just like we have wheelchair ramps and hearing loops. But that is for another day…

4 thoughts on “Is it fair for everyone to be paid for their expertise?

  1. Kate, this is a huge topic. I weave tapestries (very time consuming) and if I priced them according to time, they would be unaffordable. Sad, but true. In my pre-retirement life I was a journalist and today I will not write for people without pay. Years of training went into my profession and I can’t give it away for free. I am happy to volunteer for all sorts of other things, but not to volunteer my expertise. Nor should you. Jan, [not Alan].


    • Thanks Jan… I’m guessing your tapestries are done more for pleasure, than to make a living, and I imagine, people are not asking you to teach them how to do it, 10-20 times a week, for free? A friend of mine who attended the AAIC conference in London this week, said there were many examples of my work being plagiarised, as well as his own. It’s the joy of this brave new world of free access and blogging! Too many of us write for no money, and people with dementia are being ‘engaged’ all the time and giving away all of their intellectual and creative copyright, perhaps without even realising it, but it sure is keeping others happily employed! This is one topic I’m progressing with a few more articles on, but it is slow. Maybe I’m becoming a tortoise!


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