The Gods made me crazy!

Pardon the language… but it is a quote.

Well, I’ve realised my husband is right and I am probably an idiot as I book in too many meetings when we travel. Below is an updated itinerary as of today, as some meetings changed overnight, but who knows, if I can squeeze any more in, I’m sure I will find a way! We are departing later today for 4 nights on London, to attend WDC11 (WDC stands for the World Dementia Council), and as the only Australian to be a fun and FULL member of the Council (necessary edit from my BUB, even though I like to have fun, full is what I meant!!) , and also representing DAI, it is really important to attend.

Part of the reason I add in so much DAI work on all of my travels is in part because on some of our trips, my husband and I have to partly or fully self fund, and this is another one of those times. As yet, it is not the reality that DAI has the funds for many things at all, and others still do not seem to want to support DAI. A friend of mine easily raised over $80,000 in a few days to produce a cookbook, yet our last Crowd-fundraising event, DAI only managed just over $1000. I guess the world is not yet used to the reality people with dementia can still function, albeit with a lot of support.

Peter Mittler and I were talking about how much personal money we have both spent on advocacy like this last night, and I told him my BUB and I call it being in the S.K.I. Club (Spending the Kids Inheritance). Some people travel for fun when they retire or have spare cash, and a few of us do idiotic stuff like advocacy and activism with it…

Our sons both say it’s ok, as if it means if they get dementia, they might get a better deal than we all currently get, which has to be a good thing! It’s lucky we have mildly altruistic and very kind sons as well! It is also my youngest sons 27th birthday today, so even though we are going away later today, at least we could have breakfast with him, and although he is not so well haven woken up with a dose of the flu, as well as having some serious spinal injuries he is trying to manage without a surgeon’s knife intervening, he and Daisy the grand-dog will look after the house while we are away!

Anyway, here is my (therefore our) crazy and most recently updated itinerary!

18 July 2017

  • Depart Adelaide 8pm

19 July 2017

  • 2pm – Arrive at Heathrow
  • 5pm – Private meeting re WDC matters
  • 6pm – Private meeting regarding a research project DAI is involved in (now cancelled! Phew!)
  • 7:30pm – Private dinner meeting re ADI-DAI strategic partnership matters (just booked in!)
  • Collapse into bed

20 July 2017

  • 7am Breakfast meeting with possible DAI funder
  • 8:30am WDC meeting commences
  • 5 or 6pm WDC Reception
  • 8pm Dinner meeting with possible funder for DAI
  • Midnight for an 00:30 start – 45 minutes Skype presentation Re-thinking Aged and Dementia Care through the lens of human rights”  to an Australian Federal government Better Practice conference series back in Adelaide –
  • 8:30am WDC Day 2 commences
  • 6pm Private meeting with possible DAI funder
  • 7pm Dinner with close friend Jenny whose father and our good friend died earlier this year (she is travelling down from St Albans for the evening)
  • Oh, and we are now staying one more night than originally planned!

21 July 2017

  • Hoping for a breakfast meeting re DAI-WHO work
  • Visit to Shibley and his (my adopted) mum 11:30am
  • Family from Northampton coming down to London to see us
22 July 2017
  • Depart for home

There is a great movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy, actually one of my favourites, but in my case, I think maybe The Gods Made me Crazy?!  Or the Faeries???

Ps. Pardon the language in the image from a post on Facebook a few days ago, but it is an actual quote!

17 thoughts on “The Gods made me crazy!

  1. Kate, I don’t know how you do it. Just going to London for one day shatters me. My brain just couldn’t cope seeing all those people all the time. Getting funds for things i can imagine is very hard. If you had Cancer, people would put their hand in their pocket very quickly but for dementia, not so much. I found that out. I am doing a charity walk in August and I have had to put my own money in to build it up. But C’est la Vie xx


    • It does take its toll Tracey… but for now, while I still can, I’ll keep dong it. As you say. if we were wanting money for a cancer charity, everyone would help, but dementia is still a dirty word. It always shocks me ow few will donate to DAI, and that we had to stop charging a small fee to professions for our webinars, the this week, many of them paid thousands for tickets to come to the AAIC conference n Melbourne. Oh well, together, one small step at a time, we will make a difference. Good luck with your walk too, let me know if I can promote there for you xxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you. I am dreading it as walking takes a lot out of me even though I walk every day. The more i walk the worse i am. At times it feels like i walking through treacle. And I am walking 14 miles (23km) I am determined to do it. I am walking on my own as I walk quite slow with two sticks. perseverance is the key. Like you said, when you go to these shindigs all the time you can do it, you will do it. I feel the same xxx


  2. Hi Kate
    I think this is only the second time I have contacted you since my BUB died in January is it possible for me to fund you. I too am SKIING and have been since he died so tell me how to do it as I’m not too good with the internet. You are the person I set my goals on and it would be a pleasure to help you. Enjoy your days in London and take care xxxxx


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