More positively supporting a person with dementia

In the last few days, someone asked me for this list/graphic of a power point slide I have of it, but I cannot find my notes, nor remember who, hence I am reposting it here today. Please feel free to download it and share it, but also reference it to me. Thanks. And I hope whoever asked for it, finds it here!?! In reality, it is a bit basic, but many have told me it has also been very helpful.

8 thoughts on “More positively supporting a person with dementia

  1. Hi Kate. I’ve asked you this before, but just a gentle reminder – please can we have a list of things we SHOULD do for/with people with dementia. People respond so much better to positives than negatives (I’m sure you learnt this in your undergrad degree)
    For example, my Dad has dementia and recently we gave him and Mum a subscription to the local zoo. He LOVES going every week, and has a new found joy in the animals and their exploits that he never would have had before he had the changes of dementia. It is like a wonderful gift. Similarly, he and Mum recently went to a kind of Karoake at their retirement village and he threw himself into it – even getting up and dancing for the audience! He could never have done this before. How lovely to see this joy, even though his communication skills have deteriorated markedly.
    A list of “dos” would be so helpful – a list of “don’ts” can be daunting and maybe paralyzing. We don’t want to be frightened of visiting our loved ones!


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