Supporting Jerry Wylie

If it is within your reach financially to donate to Dementia Alliance International to assist us with funds to support as many people with dementia and their care partners as possible to be able to attend the ADI Conference in Chicago, I would personally really appreciate it. Many of my friends have already donated to DAI, and I thank you all. DAI and our members also appreciate your donations and support.

Jerry Wylie, who has become a good friend and is the current Vice Chair of DAI, has produced a video about why it is important to him. All I’m asking is that you listen to Jerry with an open heart and seriously consider donating to DAI to support his goal.

Jerry was diagnosed with dementia aged 62, and is asking for your help. He and others are  working really hard to support people with dementia and their care partners to attend the ADI conference in Chicago in July. We have a human right to inclusion, but many of our members simply cannot afford to get there. By watching Jerry’s video, you will hear from him why it is important we attend, and how important it is to him personally to support others to do the same.

Jerry is also one of the invited keynote speakers this year, and we are all excited for him, and we want to be there to support him.

7 thoughts on “Supporting Jerry Wylie

  1. The Song of Life overcomes the Song of Death as long as we support our loved ones to sustain their sense to survive in a home setting.


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