Dementia, Transcendental Meditation & Bredesen

More today on strategies to improve brain health, this blog was first published on my Living Beyond Dementia™ website…

Anyone who follows this site knows I have been a believer in Bredesen’s Protocol, although I do have some healthy scepticism as well! In saying that, I believe if we don’t view dementia as a chronic disease, which brings with it acquired cognitive disabilities, the estimates of people being diagnosed may be much higher than currently projected.

We must manage dementia as a chronic progressive condition, with healthy lifestyle changes, add in rehabilitation(cognitive and physical), and recognise the value of neuroplasticity; if society, governments, health care professionals and service providers fail to do so, they are also failing the 50 million people currently living with dementia, and the expected 131.5 million expected to have dementia by 2050. We all have a right to Universal Health Coverage.

recent announcement on the TM website A New Collaboration in the Fight Against Alzheimer’s: The Bredesen Protocol and the Transcendental Meditation Technique from Dr. Dale Bredesen, Professor of Neurology at UCLA and an internationally renowned expert on Alzheimer’s, and who released his book, The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline, discusses the value of Transcendental Meditation® for people with dementia.

Dr. Bredesen documents the effects of a comprehensive treatment—known as the Bredesen Protocol—designed to prevent and reverse the effects of cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s.

Now, the TM technique is being integrated into this protocol. This is based on published studies on TM showing improvements in neuro-plasticity and global brain wave (EEG) coherence, associated with improved cognitive performance, intelligence, and memory, as well as significant reductions in stress and anxiety.

In the following introductory video, Bob Roth describes the Transcendental Meditation® technique in depth, and the value of the technique. As a TM practitioner since I was 21 years old (now for 39 years!), I am totally committed to this twice daily practice, and believe it has increased my capacity to remain resilient and optimistic, in spite of the many personal crises and numerous serious health issues I have faced.

4 thoughts on “Dementia, Transcendental Meditation & Bredesen

    • Hey VK, as always, it’s lovely to connect! I hope you are well? I have of course read about the new FDA aproved drug, which failed in its first attempt for approval. I’m not really a fan yet, which is supported by a reasonably sized % of the scientific community as well. We will see of course, and I hope I am wrong! Anyway. I’ll stick to the brain ehalth appraco, with rehab, as that is working for me so far, as it does with other chronic conditions I live with. Take care, Kx


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