On becoming a Senior!

A wonderful lunch to celebrate turning 60 With my immediate family And my very special friends and chosen family I love you ALL   Missing some special friends and family Some unable to be there So many no longer with us My actual birthday, the anniversary of a friends husbands death The death of a…

My disappearing world

Days alone with dementia Laughter and love Tragedy and sadness Memory loss Playing cards alone Grief, tears, shock Humiliation and stigma Dancing Daring Keeping secrets Engagement and inspiration Hysterical and life changing Moments lost in time

Dementia and me

Day 20: Dementia Awareness Month 2014 Dementia and me What the hell happened to my brain diagnosed with dementia when I was much too young my children still at school a deadly terminal disease effecting memory, thinking, perception, judgment, language and speech But worse than that, effecting my life, family, friendships, my sense of self,…

Dementia care

Dementia care Is caring for people Who often Do not know They need care And don’t Want to be in care… No wonder They may become Angry and upset