Almost lost…


No amount of pondering

Will ever help me find the words

For the malicious unkindness of a few others…

Nor the incredible gratefulness

For the love of so very many

Truly ‘close friends and family’.

Thank you.

16 thoughts on “Almost lost…

  1. The only time in the last ten years that I’ve had that many good looking men around me is when I fell on the ice curling three winters ago and cracked my head so bad they called an ambulance and the whole crew (plus apprentices) all would have been good calendar candidates. Such is life.

    See how much and more you have to be grateful for Kate? 😉


  2. Hang tight Kate….The whole world is consumed in hate right now it seems but those who prefer love will never give up! The light will win one day. I hope we get to see it. Sometimes when the negative vibes get so overwhelming it is hard to focus on the good. When such times hit, find your way to laughter and pleasure to give you the strength you need to go on. If we are alone for too long with our worries and pain it can try to consume us. I know your strength Kate, I’ve watched what you have gone through over the years. I want you to allow yourself to cave once in a while, accept compassion and caring from others and just ride through the bad moments, facing them not avoiding them as you always do. You are human my friend, you have feelings too…Lean on those who care when needed 🙂 Much love sent your way….VK ❤ ❤ ❤


    • Thanks my dear friend… interestingly (or not!!), some of the people who have maliciously defamed me, and made untrue allegations, consider themselves ‘Christians’ or to be living the Buddhist lifestyle. One of the meany reasons I left institutionalised religion…


  3. Hi Kate, I have lost touch with blogging over the last few weeks but am getting back into it. It was Michelle Harris who first told me about you so I am subscribed to your blog but have been really blog-lazy recently. I just want you to know how much I admire you for putting it out there! My husband has been in high care for 5 year and his dementia is advanced. You are young, vibrant, vocal and an absolute inspiration! Much love x


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