Australian Of The Year, South Australia

sa-four-w250-q-australian-of-the-year-awards-ff57cIt was an honour to win the esteemed Australian of The Year Award in SA for 2017, and to now be representing South Australia in January 2017. As a finalist last year, it was more than amazing to be nominated again, and even more incredible to not only be a finalist again this year, but to win amongst a group of such remarkable South Australians. This award is for ALL PEOPLE WITH DEMENTIA in Australia and around the world, as everything I do, almost every day, is to improve the lived experiences for people with dementia.

Currently, there are more than 47.5 million people diagnosed with a dementia, and there is a new diagnosis every 3.2 seconds somewhere in the world. In Australia, there are more than 354,000 people diagnosed with dementia, including more than 25,100 of us under the age of 65. We must work towards improving outcomes for those of us diagnosed, and for our families, and not only focus on a cure.

My goal is to work hard to empower those diagnosed with dementia to live with dementia, and not only to die from it, and to teach others it is possible.

I intend to work on this until dementia or some other disease, perhaps even death, makes it no longer possible.

Thank you to everyone for your incredible support and well wishes, and especially to my husband and two sons, and a few special friends who are always by my side, if not in person, then always in spirit. You know who you are, and I love you.

If you are a person with dementia, and want to connect with others also living with dementia, I would love you to join us at Dementia Alliance International. Membership is exclusive to people with dementia, is free, and we also provide services including online support groups, cafes and other events.

For other support, please contact the Alzheimer’s Australia NATIONAL DEMENTIA HELPLINE 1800 100 500

50 thoughts on “Australian Of The Year, South Australia

  1. Well done Kate and also your family who give you so much support. First read of your award in our local Illawarra NSW paper. So much good work achieved in Kiama. Evelyn

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    • Thank you Evelyn… my husband peter (otherwise known as BUB or Back Up Brain) and my two sons Charles and Matthew, are 100% the wind beneath my wings and without them I could not do what I do. xx


  2. My heartfelt congratulations, Kate. You are an inspiration and an example to the rest of us, living the best we can, with Alzheimer’s; but, in particular, when you speak on behalf of those who no longer have a voice.

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  3. Congratulations Kate. I’ll be eagerly sitting on the edge of my seat on Australia Day. You realise that you’ll have 47.5 million hearts with you also. An award that is well deserved and we both thank you for your tireless efforts. We are in awe of your constant achievements.

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  4. Well done from everyone who is or has been touched by dementia. You are an inspiration to so many – your passion and commitment to something that affects so many of us is appreciated if not always expressed. Thank you and best wishes.

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  5. You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you and congratulations once again. Very best wishes as you progress to the Australian of the Year award early next year.

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