Poetry competition: entries closing soon

As those of you know have been following my blog for a long time, it used to be a daily blog, and last week, at an author event I spoke at in  small country town called Two Wells where Annabel Crabb comes from, I met the wonderful Carolyn Cordon, a fellow poet and someone I have known online for a few years, and who wrote the forward for my third poetry book, to be released later this year.

On the day, I was partly introduced as a daily blogger, and felt mildly guilty and lazy as I blog so rarely these days. Yes, even though I know I have been busy with other things, and since being personally and then publicly attacked the last few months, have not had the capacity to function (paddle) like I used to. In fact, a great number of personal and academic projects ended up having to be cancelled, and many others have been put on hold ‘indefinitely’, thanks to this hideous experience.

However, as writing poetry has become part of my life, and which I believe has been a gift from dementia, I thought I would add a poem today, as well as announce a competition that Carolyn is hosting for my fellow poet friends here. You can submit your entry to the ADELAIDE PLAINS POETS Inc. POETRY COMPETITION 2016/17 hosted by Carolyn on her website Poetic Pause here new poetry competition.

Daring and dangerous
I’m trying to come back
After a very rough ride
On the waves of
Personal destruction

Finally understanding
Who are friends
And who are really foes
Holding onto
Those I love and who matter

6 thoughts on “Poetry competition: entries closing soon

  1. Stand your ground Kate!!! When we get buffeted by strong winds of opposition it is because we are making progress in awakening sleeping minds. The harder the push back the more we are accomplishing what we set out to do. While it is hurtful remember these people are paid trolls NOT friends and are there simply to shut you up! Don’t let that happen. If we can stay aware of these trolls as just being trolls and not people who think and feel like we do, it is far easier to endure their abuse. It’s their job and Big Pharma most definitely does not like the fact that you are waking people up. You got too close to the truth somewhere along the line and they jumped on you.See if you can figure out what triggered them off. When did the abuse start etc? Don’t give in to them Kate. Stay strong and keep connecting with people who so desperately need to hear what you have to say! Loved your poem by the way. Sending you love and hugs as I await spring and you await fall…So ready for spring I’ll tell ya….Love to you…VK ❤


    • Sadly, that is true, but the impact on me personally, and also on my husband and sons has been truly horrific. One of them said, “Wow, would these so called ‘close friends and family’ rather my mother had died??????” xxx


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