“I’ve changed my mind” by George Rook

Chris Roberts posted a blog by George Rook, and both of these men live as well as is humanly possible, with a diagnosis of dementia. Thanks Chris for reminding me via the post on your site, to post it here.

George Rook, thank you for writing “I’ve changed my mind”. It is a wonderful blog, and saves me finding too many words today, not that I blog very often any more anyway, especially since my ‘duck or swan paddling legs were almost amputated’ earlier this year. I have a feeling it will resonate with a lot of people with dementia, currently working their butts off to live as well as humanly possible in spite of, and alongside their own symptoms of dementia.

George wrote (do go to the link above to read the full blog):

I decided this morning when I woke up,
I have brain disease. Not dementia.
Just like I have heart disease, and bone disease, and vascular disease, and kidney disease…
I have brain disease.

There is one point where I differ with George in his blog, and although I do not especially want the label of ‘disabled’, I definitely do want the symptoms of everyone’s dementias to be supported as disabilities.  We all have a human right to this under the CRPD, in exactly the same way we would be supported to live as well as possible, if we had a stroke or brain injury caused by an accident.

Perhaps luckily for me I’m living in Australia, as dementia is not listed under mental illness (even though many ignorantly still think dementia is a mental illness), but listed where it should be, which is as a neurological disorder (or as George rightly says, a brain disease).

George, thanks again for a great blog. And as today is the start of Dementia Awareness Week in the UK, it seems right I highlight people from the UK!

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