Dementia changed my life

This is the also the full article by Wong Kim Hoh the Straits Times Senior WriterIt Changed My Life: Author, activist and poet living with dementia, an interview done for The Straits Times in Asia last year during my trip to support Alzheimer’s Disease Association Singapore.

Dementia definitely changed my life. Mostly, for the better. 

(Kate Swaffer, © 2018)

Ps. There are a few minor errors in the article, but mostly it is ok…


6 thoughts on “Dementia changed my life

  1. Hello Kate,
    Thanks for putting up this bit of news, it packs your usual powerful message. There is still so much to do in how we handle the care aspect in dementia. You are right, there is an over emphasis on the cure search – although it is very important, but we are not really making the grade in how we deal with dementia in residential care.

    On another note, My daughter gave me a new copy of ‘Jonathon Livingston Seagull’ for my 70th (don’t comment on my age) along with two lovely brass seagull bookends. I was very moved by the gift. Catch up with you again soon – keep up the great work, it keeps me always asking how we can do things better with the wonderful people who live where I work.



    • Dear Jim,

      Firstly, Happy 70th Birthday! I do hope you haad a wonderful celebration. It’s lovely you hve a new copy of Jonathon Livingston Seagull. I get my wooden version of him back next month!

      Thanks also for you kind comments. We definitely still have much to do, but some change has been happening too, so it is positive.

      Knowing you has enriched my life, and now the lives of our members, thanks to you holding the Inclusive Worship service for Christmas last December. Thank you again from all who attended, and those we were able to share your notes and slides with.

      Looking forward to another catch up this year.

      Fond regards, Kate


  2. I applaud you Kate as you continue to use your voice to encourage the world to wake up to itself when it comes to dementia. Those of us not walking in your shoes have so much to learn from you please keep plugging away some of us are listening, x ness


  3. Wonderful video Kate-well done and good on you!so agree with everything you have said especially the point you said when people need to understand and include Dementia people in everyday life and give them opportunities-so true. Also, it’s soooo important to get checked early when you notice something wrong with your brain. E.g when you had trouble driving etc. best wishes


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