Human Rights, Ageing and Dementia: Challenging Current Practice

This video, which was produced by ADA Australia and their media team, is very relevant to the Seventy First World Health Assembly I am attending this week, and the National Dementia Conference I attended in Canada last week. I thank them for their permission to publish it on my YouTube Channel. (ps a shocking ‘first image’ on the unopened video file!!!)

For the purposes of the video, I was asked to talk about the key messages I had hoped the audience would take away from my presentation. It is very relevant to the Seventy First World Health Assembly 2018, being held as I upload this in Geneva today! If you are interested, you can download the slides from my speech here: Kate Swaffer_ADA_Brisbane_10 May 2018

16 thoughts on “Human Rights, Ageing and Dementia: Challenging Current Practice

  1. Wow-what an amazing video, Kate-you are looking really amazing and some very important points mentioned there-and i so agree with everything you have said-well done and good luck!👍😊


  2. To hear this and follow you and the messages of hope, love and support for all within the sphere of Dementia, never see them as sufferers, address all with respect is just exactly what should be. Thank you

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  4. Wow, incredible interview Kate. I hope governments not only get to see your interview but invest heavily in the great idea’s you have for the dementia and aged care sector.
    It must be tiring for you but keep up the good work because you are so good at it.
    Thank you on behalf on many.


    • Thanks Jessie… it’s one very tough gig, indeed. After listening to someone from my government talking this week about how well Australia is doing in aged and dementia care, I’d have to say, I was so annoyed with the blatant lies I’ll probably become more active! If that’s even possible. I wanted to throw up…


  5. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Kate. Every time I hear you speak, I learn and I grow. We are front line soldiers and you are leading the charge. Thank you.


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