A chance to make history for people with disability

By highlighting dementia as one of the many health conditions causing disabilities, I am joining the more than 1 billion people with disability campaigning for change!

It is your chance to make history; to help make a lasting change for 1 billion persons with disabilities worldwide, and I invite you to join the #WeThe15 campaign.

The International Disability Alliance and International Paralympic Committee are leading the #WeThe15 campaign together with international partners. The campaign starts on 19 August and goes until 5 September 2021, and they encourage us to get the message out.

This 10-year campaign aims to be the biggest ever human rights movement to end discrimination against persons with disabilities and transform the lives of 1.2 billion people. #WeThe15 has brought together a large coalition of international organisations from the world of sport, human rights, policy, business, culture, and entertainment to initiate change for the world’s largest marginalised group.

So, what can we all do?

On 19 August 2021 (starting at 7:00 am in Japan):

  • Use the #WeThe15 iconic purple symbol where the 15% are no longer marginalised on your social media channels.
  • Cross-post the launch video [to be shared soon] on your social media channels so that we can get more views.
  • Share facts and stats from #WeThe15 social media channels that you find interesting. 
  • Create content on your social media channels 
  • Raise awareness using the #WeThe15 symbol

If you live with a diagnosis of dementia, by seeing dementia as a disability, as the World Health Organisation has doen for over a decade, it allows you to harness your rights under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities #CRPD. It is time for #HumanRights4All

It you work with people with dementia, or are a researcher in dementia, the time really is now to embrace that dementia is a condition causing disabilities.

It is paternalistic not to, and would be the same as not telling a person they have dementia, which happened not so long ago…

2 thoughts on “A chance to make history for people with disability

    • It’s all in the post Ness, as it’s simply a case of promoting the campaign. Whether on social media, by email, newsletters or in person, we need it to be promoted, especially with dementia as a disability included! X

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You are very welcome to respectfully join this global conversation.

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