A Christmas wish…

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 9.59.54 am

Yes, I am suffering…
but only some of the time
not every moment of every day

And, importantly…
not always from dementia
more often from the language of dementia

The symptoms of dementia
do not consume me
one hundred percent of the time

Only some moments
of some days
and definitely not all days

So why then must others
with and without dementia
exacerbate the suffering and stigma

by labelling me
a sufferer
ALL of the time?

Please do not label me a sufferer
This is my one and only
Christmas wish

15 thoughts on “A Christmas wish…

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  2. Best Christmas wishes to you Kate and your family. Know that a lot of love surrounds you. We acknowledge what you do. Thank you! May this global conversation continue to grow throughout 2016. Bron xo


  3. Yes. I sent the language guidelines recently to an organisation because one of their members used that word. Thanks to you and all others who put the guidelines together.


    • Thanks Janet, much appreciated. I had some academics tell me recently, they don’t see they need to use them, as they are only ‘guidelines’! Seriously, we have so far to go, but every bit of support from people like you will help xox


  4. My Christmas wish is that eventually there will be an understanding of the condition to enable those with the diagnosis to have a life rather than ‘Prescribed Disengagement’. My New Years resolution is we shall overcome them.


  5. A very wise post! I hope people will read it, consider it carefully, and make appropriate changes in how they think and talk about dementia. Well done! And Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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