Just because you can’t see it…

You may not believe it, or see it, but people with dementia are still being Prescribed Disengagement®, and only supported to die, rather than to live positively.

You may not believe it, but if you have a stroke, you will recieve rehabilitation, whereas if you are diagnosed with dementia, you won’t.

You may not believe it, but it you require assisted living, you will be restrained chemically OR physically restrained. Or both.

You may not believe it, but dementia is a major cause of disability and dependence in persons worldwide.

You may not believe it, but people with acquired disabilities caused by dementia do not automatically receive disability assessment or support.

You may not believe it, but with appropriate individualised disability support, people with dementia can and will live more independently for longer, with a higher quality of life.

You may not believe it, but whilst it is chronic and progressive, dementia is also a terminal illness.

You may not believe it, but people once thought the Earth was flat, and people were actually persecuted and killed for saying otherwise.

You may not believe it, but through the power of neuroplasticy, some people can and have rewired their brains.

You may not believe it, but individuals like Professor Dale Bredesen have shown you can reverse MCI and some dementias, through diet and lifestyle.

You may not believe it, but we are no closer to a cure or disease modifying drugs for dementia than we were 20+ years ago. Ps. I will be THRILLED to be proven wrong on this point!

You may not be able to see it, or believe it, but regular medical imaging and neurospych testing continues to indicate I do have dementia. Strangely, I’m not ready for an autopsy to categorically prove it.

On day 25 of Dementia Awareness Month, let’s be positive and proactive:

  • Let’s choose to take action that will make a tangible difference,
  • Let’s choose to be kinder than necessary,
  • Let’s choose to work together,
  • Let’s choose to be part of the desperately needed change,
  • Let’s choose unconditional love, non judgement and humility; they are three of the keys to life.

4 thoughts on “Just because you can’t see it…

  1. It is all part of the “deranged doctor” syndrome. Forgive me for saying that but I call it that after the doctor who said in an emergency situation said he would let people with covid 19 and dementia die. Kate you mentioned that doctor some weeks ago. As I recall I was furious at him for saying that. It is almost like me saying that as a teacher, I would let a student with autism “go” and not bother with them. I simply could not do that and doctors and medical staff who advocate “disengagenent” for alzheimers are “washing their hands” of the issue when something can be done….. Yes they still have not found the magic bullet yet but they do not have to be ageist and give up all hope as a default position to the people who have succumbed…. Talking about medical intervention, they have found that low dose lithium may be effective in arresting mild cognitive decline. The results seem patchy to promising but like all this the trick is to never give up hope. https://journalbipolardisorders.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s40345-020-00188-z


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